WA Representative Jesse Johnson

by | Jun 23, 2020 | Leadership Seminars | 0 comments

“I challenge you, as young people, to think about who in your own lives—whether it’s family, community or at school—is the most marginalized? What can you do, or what can you advocate for and elevate from their experience, to then benefit everyone else?” –Rep. Jesse Johnson

Our youth and staff are grateful to Washington State Representative Jesse Johnson for joining us for an online leadership seminar. We discussed how to uplift the needs and voices of our most marginalized community members to better serve all and how to break down the importance of voting and civic engagement especially to youth peers.

Jesse Johnson serves in the Washington State legislature representing the 30th district and was a former Federal Way City Councilmember.

The Freedom Center continues to turn on a dime, increasing our online classes and sessions during the shelter-in-place order. We are bringing experts from around the world with feet-on-the-ground experience in organizing, civic engagement and public service together with our youth and staff.

This is an excellent time to study the relevance and importance of transforming ourselves to make change in the world.


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