Common good or I feel good?

You don’t put a band-aid on a broken leg.

Hand you an ice pack when you’re bleeding out.

Give you a dollar and ignore your concussion.

Where are you going to spend it when you can’t walk?

That’s benefitting me alone.

I feel like I did something.

My good deed sticker won’t last beyond me.

You’re still hurting.

A crumbling house will always fall until we see the bigger picture.

The foundation is faulty.

Fix that and then build up.

The “doing” must build something.

The “caring” can construct power.

Watch the gears of the system to figure out why it’s producing something wrong.

Feeling good is not the end of the line.

Yes, a victory.

Yes, let’s celebrate it.

Now, it’s time for the next step on the staircase.

Feed you once, feed you twice.

Study and reflect on who benefits from the hungry.

What structure will last beyond the start-up?

Organize so no one goes hungry.

Mindfulness and humility are key.

We can never serve if we’re stuck in our own minds.

Watching selfish discomfort instead of reactions around the circle.

We can win this battle.

We are winning the struggle for our rights,

If we take the time to build consciousness.

Stay relevant.

See the bigger picture.

Connect those dots.

From far out, they create a mural no one can see from their own little window.

It’s a constant chain of living, dying, being born.

Loving and living, feeling and fighting.

Constant motion.

It will always take this,

This little discomfort in the moment.

Struggling to shift mindset.

Make the first enormous leap.

It’s not so big once we’re over it.

We need this, so much now as ever.

Never going back.

Always creating a new environment.

What works and what doesn’t.

Mapping it out.

Power for change.

We can do it.

More importantly, we will.

Accountable for the past, the now, and the after.

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