If every soul mattered in this world to every person, it would be a different world. If our lives were not so consumed with the shallowest of worries, perhaps our actions would better serve our Earth and our world house. If activism was a lifestyle rather than a post that we are rewarded for, then maybe the people who line our streets unhoused would not be met with empty gestures and words.

We use the most vulnerable of society, the people discarded because our economic system needs someone to lose. We use them so that in our one hour of service, of giving out food or clothing, we can go back to our homes that many will never have, assured of our morality. We tout plans of systemic change but forget that means changing ourselves too.
Every day we choose comfort over the souls of our brothers and sisters because a different world is too big to dream, too scary for our own lives, too risky when I have a roof and a well-paying job, we dehumanize society’s neglected just a bit more. We need to face the reality we live in, understand that bags of groceries and clothes may solve today’s problem but will not fight a rapidly growing crisis. It will not prevent the next family who couldn’t afford rent due to gentrification, greed, and capitalism from losing their home.

We need new solutions, new policies, new systems that address a humanitarian crisis, and the need for societal change the deemphasizes the individual but uplifts the community. One that does not thrive on poverty to enrichen the rich but revels in our interconnectedness and sees that any injustice affects all in a world house.

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