– Desire for Evolution

A new life. A fresh start. Opportunities just waiting to be grasped. To envision one’s life (As well as their children’s life) being an existence surrounded by possibility. Immigrants come to the United States for a myriad of reasons; but, the pursuit of liberation is what encompasses all of the minds which end up planting a new seed of legacy in American soil. They settle in the United States of America with hopes of financial success and stability for themselves on top of their future descendants. The American Dream causes them to gain belief that in the hands of the U.S., one has no limits. Only to be a disciple of the American Dream comes with a cost. This cost, which many will come to see as a fair trade, is the abandonment of one’s first culture in exchange for what it means to be an American: assimilation of the individual.

To immigrate to the U.S. is to cause oneself to become susceptible to the teeth of individualization and its poisons containing the forces of greed and hate which will drain themselves into the mind of any exposed person. Original, true cultures (Cultures which support the common good of the people) will be left behind, and the anticulture (Cultures against the people) of American society will instill its philosophy of independence into the brains of new inhabitants. This is: The Loss of Culture in American Society.

– Illusion of Significance –

Anticulture. It surrounds the American people on a daily basis in the forms of individualism and consumerism. To only think about ourselves in the decisions we make, to be self-centered, is the mindset being ingrained into the minds of the populace. Immigrants are no exception to this targeting of the people. Once having dropped their first cultures and opening themselves to being overtaken by whatever culture America has in store for them, independence takes the opportunity to nest itself in their minds. Just like the rest of us, they begin to buy for just “me, myself, and I”, ignore the injustices which surround them as the issues do not personally affect them, and constantly be pushed by ambition to achieve more than the next person. All of the work to be done in their American futures is just to please their own idea of what it means to be an American. To only work for ourselves. To be individualistic. Competitiveness. It fills our veins.

New Years, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. The practices which take place these days are labeled as American “culture” but are truly just ways to further expand the spread of consumerism as the focus of these holidays are for people to indulge in the abundance that comes with living in an overly-excessive society. On top of this, the purchasing itself is solely for the buyer. To be an American is to dismiss any thought which centers itself on the common good of others and instead merely focus on our own (and those in our circle’s) well-being. This dissociation between people is the anticulture which immigrants will find themselves pressured into once they take a look around the country of red, white, and blue they are now a resident of. Immigrants come to the United States in hope of financial success and that ambition they hold transforms into greed and hate. They become another product of a capitalistic mentality exposed to the mirage of freedom.

– War of Expression –

First cultures do not always get completely stranded in their home countries. There will be elements of first cultures which tag along with the bodies who emigrate from one country to another. When first cultures are brought to the United States, they will experience exposure to the forces of greed and hate which pervade the country. With this, the cultures will end up transforming into a new form of itself which will either be a destructed or amplified version of the original culture.

Destructed culture is anticulture. Many first cultures which are dragged into the States will come to have their practices become victims to the process of gangsterization. Immigrants which find themselves in poverty will end up having children. And those children, who in their lives will be raised by the false culture of America which entrenches competitiveness and consumerist values inside the souls of the country’s occupants, will develop a desire for themselves to gain the fulfillment of holding more material than those who surround them. Other-centered, people-oriented traditions originally meant to bring the community together will develop into self-centered, thing-oriented traditions meant to further fuel the greed inside one’s soul which will in turn make the expression of hate more prevalent in our communities. Set-checking, toting guns, pimping, selling drugs, and posting up on the block are all methods of destructed culture. The theme of there always being an enemy to subdue is apparent in every single one of these methods. It is interdependence neglected. The practitioners of destructed culture may label themselves as a part of the culture as they have tattoos or a hairstyle that honors their ancestors; however, true culture is one which is based on the well-being of the community at all times. They are truly individuals of an anticulture that will continue to condone the oppression which American immigrants and their descendants will be inflicted with by the powers that be.

Fortunately, not all first cultures in the face of American greed will end up as harmful versions of themselves. There will also be resistance of amplified cultures which fight to maintain the selfless expression of their original cultures’ traditions. These are people who are not individuals of a culture, but a group of a culture whose focal point is the common good. When it comes to amplified culture, the actions taken to grasp it are generally done by the second or third-generation American descendants of immigrants who realize the existence of American “culture” being the consumeristic, oppressive, and individualistic anticulture that it is. They then decide to be the ones who take the first step to either taking back their first culture that was left behind or reforming their now violently-evolved destructed culture’s values back to a morally stable practice. They become the resistance against assimilation and the advocates for interdependent expression. The music, murals, food, clothing, and spiritualism of first cultures is magnified; and, it is without the greed and hate of American individualism.

Destructed culture. Amplified culture. Two groups of expression. And for both, the other side is an adversary. While the people of amplified cultures promote the spread of altruism amongst our communities, the individuals of destructed culture (with support from those who assimilated with America’s false culture) will do whatever they can to perpetuate the selfishness exemplified by their anticultural modus operandi and weaken the resistance for true culture. When a gang member kills a person of their own race so they can establish the authority their set has over another, that is weakening the resistance. When an investor skyrockets the rent for housing of people of their own race in order to gain a higher profit, that is weakening the resistance. When a police officer unjustly arrests a person of their own race so they can flex their dominance and raise their ego, that is weakening the resistance. When a robber holds a person of their own race at gunpoint and forces them to hand over their belongings in an attempt to make a quick buck, that is weakening the resistance. As they face violence from the hate of those who betrayed the values of original cultures, the advocates of amplified cultures will march, vote, sing, donate, draw, and do anything else they can to work for the protection of true culture. Violence cannot drive out violence, so a protector of first cultures can only keep expressing their traditions of love which make up their cultures; and, promote the spread of the resistance in a nonviolent manner. There will be those of the resistance who fall into resentment and turn to violence themselves; but for those who truly want there to be a transformation of anticultures into true cultures as well as the maintenance of true cultures, faith in the possibility for change must be kept.

– Need for Enlightenment –

Public education. What we need is public education. However, we require a reformed version of our public education system. This is not just for immediate immigrants of the U.S. but for all people of the country as a whole. In our public schools today, we *promote* our youth’s assimilation into individualism. The normal school experience for an American student consists of not engaging in the classroom unless forced to, only speaking to those of our cliques, judging others to build up our own ego, and participating in extracurriculars just to build up our own portfolio of prestige. Students stuff as much information as possible in their heads so they can dump it onto a test and forget it all as soon as they walk out the classroom door. If there is group work, they rely on their teammate to do it for them. As for homework, whatever one can do to get it filled out as quickly as possible, is what is done. Students don’t come to school to learn. They come to school to pass.

A true system of public education is one which focuses on the humanities as much as the study of sciences. Where it is promoted for the younger generations to focus on the cultures and well-being of the people. An educational system where competitiveness, to get the right answers and the right answers only, is thrown out the window; and, in place of competitiveness is cooperation. This cooperation needs to be included in all areas of study past just humanities, where even when tackling work which is completely objective, students are able to be in an environment of expression and support. It is necessary for there to be areas of collective learning where students truly take the information being taught to them and apply it to their daily lives as this builds genuine gratitude amongst the students for what is being provided to them. A system that includes a heavier focus on history and the non-biased teaching of history. A system where teachers are not there for the money but to actually engage and build relationships with the students, teaching them the importance of acknowledging this interconnected world we live in. To have a public education system that values the connection of the people over the ambition of the people is what is essential to the attainment of a selfless society.

– Imminence in Rehabilitation –

To reform our public education system into one which promotes acknowledgment of interdependence is a chronicle that cannot be written overnight. Although, it is absolutely possible, as well as necessary, for us as a people to start that journey today. In the midst of assimilation, we need there to be those willing to go against the status quo and be that first step of the movement for change. Once the few have taken the first step, it becomes easier for another to follow in their footsteps, move toward a solution, and turn the few into the many.

In order to initiate the process of rectifying our educational institution, we first must take on the responsibility of educating ourselves. Studying culture through publications and conversations with those involved with the culture will form us into beings more prepared for the protection and maintenance of cultures as a whole. Listen, and listen without interruption. Cultures are more than just our personal experience with them. To allow insight into one’s own thoughts without the need to forcefully apply our own input is the true gateway to the admission of an open mind. We cannot expect others to be available to have their ignorance crushed if we ourselves have a guard up to block any attempt to challenge our own ignorance.

Once having begun our own research on the history of culture and the people, we need to expand this self-made education to more than just conduct of our own lives. Studying human expression in a collective fashion will allow for growth in the population of protectors and promoters of culture. We will not be able to instantly gather the masses to join us in the reformation of the way we learn as a society. First, we must gather just one, then one more,  another after that, and so on. In order for us to gain political and economic power we can utilize for the protection of culture, we must first embody the spiritual power inside of us all which waits to show itself to the world. Time will pass, and as it passes, communities of radical learners will establish their place in society.

Once our own network of unconventional educators has been put in place, then we can tackle the public education system. School boards all throughout the States sit waiting for the day an organization, which has done the proper research, steps foot in the door and challenges the current conventionalism that our schools exemplify. And, if it is our youth who step in that door themselves, then the likelihood of new mandates will utterly increase.

It is a long road for committed Americans to venture down; but, the entrance to that road stands right in front of us all, ready for the first step on its soil to be taken. The protection and promotion of true cultures is a significant necessity for stabilizing the human condition and defining what it means to have a community. If what we desire is interdependence cherished, then as a people we need to become educators of interdependence. We must voice the spirit of the common good and ingrain it into the traditions we choose to apply ourselves to. Culture has not been destroyed, it has been lost. And what was lost can be found.

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