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A Black Woman

I fly like a birdWho am I you ask?I am a black woman chainedDown by the oppression of my AncestorsBut… I am not?You say-You say I am not a Black WomanWho eats with kingsAnd fights with the lions in his denI am not, you say I AM NOTBecauseI have light honey-kissed...

Leaving the Comfort Zone

I believe in leaving the comfort zone as a people. We get so caught up in our own beliefs and our own opinions, our own point of view that we build a fence around it. When we address or when we don't address other points of view, when we ignore it, we begin to see our...

We Are What We Do

One learns about their authentic self through others' observations of their person and conduct. When we look at ourselves, we tend to put on rose-tinted glasses and misconstrue who we really are. Our peers get a third-party view of us, and are subject to our conduct,...

I Am Everything Everywhere

I could be the moon rising over cotton candy skiesOr a three-word song that will sing “I will rise”I am everything everywhereSo why would you define me and my character as a stereotype?

Let’s Wake Up

Today, it seems like more than ever we are conditioned to be sheep. To be tolerant when the old lady in Lake Merritt is getting robbed or when our country decides to wage another war. However, it’s clear that ignoring it won’t change the situation. These topics are...


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