Nonviolence Boot Camps

The Martin Luther King Jr Freedom Center Boot Camps in civic engagement offer community based, out of school peer-coaching leadership experience, that strengthens interracial, inter-generational and international social relationships to increase civic engagement, success in school, and resiliency. They are residential and correspond to school breaks: Thanksgiving, Winter Break and Summer.

Martin Luther King Jr. Freedom Center

Nonviolence Boot Camps Summary

Nonviolence is a declaration of war against evil and injustice
– Dr Martin Luther King Jr.

  • Arduous civic leadership classes feature dynamic program alums who serve as peer facilitators.
  • Facilitators are highly skilled in the Freedom Center’s peer-coaching method.
  • Classes address specific problems and inequities confronting our communities. Staff and students are involved in community education, direct action, advocacy and community organizing.
  • The Freedom Center works directly with community based organizations, public schools and other public institutions to nominate youth with emergent leadership skills.
  • Nonviolence Boot Camps involve groups of 22-24 students and 5-7 staff.
  • The Nonviolence Boot Camps are almost always on the road where we are self-contained and carry a truck with a refrigerator, stove, food supplies, camping gear, books and class materials.
  • The delegation members get up early and go to bed late. The days are filled with up to 6 hours of class time, service projects, and meetings with local community members and elected officials each day.


The Martin Luther King Jr. Freedom Center Premier Nonviolence Boot Camps

Summer Boot Camps

Boot Camp on wheels!  This residential effort features travel to urban, rural and tribal communities, classes, civic engagement, community service, public speaking and leadership seminars with guest speakers.

(Six to eight weeks of summer break)

Days of Gratitude

A residential three-day visit to a Native Sovereign Nation on the West Coast. Classes study the history of Native Sovereignty, the history of Thanksgiving, and the role of Gratitude.

(Thanksgiving Break)

The Life and Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

A full week of residential nonviolence classes and activities. This week of studying the life of Dr. King features self-transformation, learning how to learn and the connection of health and leadership.

(Winter Break)

For more information on the Nonviolence Boot Camps, call today!  Office phone: 510-434-3988.

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