Lisa Hasegawa, NeighborWorks America

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Knit Your Experiences Together to Make Something Much Broader

Lisa Hasegawa joined out youth and staff for a leadership seminar focused on the importance of collaboration, inclusion and learning from disagreement.

“There are ways in which you can knit your very specific experience with other movements, histories, and identities for something that is much broader.”

“Ultimately you may not get to a place where you are on the same page and you agree with everything. You may just have differences of opinion. There is always opportunity to learn in those times of conflict.”

“Your goal is not to get everybody because then you will be spending all of your time trying to get people that are the hardest to convince. Focus on the folks closest in that are most impacted.”

“I am just the bus driver. At every stop you just have to pick up who is ready to get on the bus and keep going. But you don’t forget about the people who don’t get on who are still waiting at the bus stop. One day they will get on the bus because they want to go somewhere and they are the only one left at the bus stop.”

Lisa Hasegawa is Regional Vice President, Western Region for NeighborWorks America

The Freedom Center continues to turn on a dime with increased online classes and sessions during the shelter-in-place order. We are bringing together experts from around the world with feet-on-the-ground experience in organizing, civic engagement and public service with our youth.

This is an excellent time to study the relevance and importance of transforming ourselves to make change in the world.

Lisa Hasegawa NeighborWorks America

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