Promoting and Protecting Democracy Video Series

Recognizing that democracy is action that involves working to solve problems, the series invites the viewer into a process of self-reflection, followed by a call to action. The series takes a thematic approach to civics education practicums though the exploration of topics common to participation in democracy. They are designed to be viewed and discussed in a group setting– amongst peers, fellow students, family members, or in intergenerational and interracial circles.

Political Action, Public Service, and Civics Matter

Democracy – A Journey of Self Transformation

Organizations and People Protecting and Promoting Democracy

The following videos spotlite community-based organizations that protect and promote democracy in their work, demonstrating the power of purposefully leveraging change through caring for each other. Videos focus on democratic participation in solutions to issues including food insecurity, equitable healthcare, youth and elders: our most vulnerable neighbors, voter education and preparedness, civics education and other topics.

Creating Community through Food Security

Wellness and Nutrition For All

Training Young Women in the Trades

Civic Engagement Door to Door

Get Active With Voter Education

Additional Educational Videos

Changing Ourselves Through Being Part of the Solution:

Civic Engagement Summer Tour

About the Martin Luther King Jr. Freedom Center and the World House Collaboration

For more video selections, visit the Martin Luther King Jr. Freedom Center YouTube Channel

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