Documentary Films

Travel back in time to meet and learn from those who played key roles in the civil rights movement. Our films are based on original historical footage, interviews with time witnesses, and other primary sources, providing an accurate and document-based version of the past.

The Early Years

Martin Luther King, Jr. reflects on his family, education, segregation, and love. The film takes us from childhood through meeting his future wife.

Something To Offer

Coretta Scott King takes us from childhood to her developing activism, and includes meeting, dating, and then marrying Martin Luther King, Jr. The film also includes a rare and fascinating written argument between Martin and Coretta.

Struggle in Montgomery

The story of the Montgomery Bus Boycott is presented through documents and the words of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Coretta Scott King. The film touches on their faith and fear as they deal with the aftermath of threats and a bombing of their home.

Memorializing King, Envisioning Martin

Dr. Clayborne Carson reflects on his journey of bringing Martin Luther King, Jr. to the world in numerous ways. Dr. Carson discusses the past, the present, and possibilities for the future.

When I Get Grown

Trauma experienced by a seven-year-old sets him on a course to become a civil rights legend and change the course of a nation.

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