Dr. Franklin Pimentel-Torres, Ministry of Education, Dominican Republic

by | Apr 23, 2020 | Leadership Seminars | 0 comments

“It is inevitable in moments of collective transformation, that leaders will come forth.”

Dr. Franklin Pimentel-Torres joined us for an online leadership seminar with our youth and staff to discuss his experience and perspectives about the contributions of young people in struggles internationally throughout modern history.

Dr. Pimentel-Torres described human rights and political movements in Honduras, Guatemala, Chile, Spain, Colombia, the Dominican Republic and the US in which youth have taken the lead in driving social change.

In particular, in his home country of the Dominican Republic, there have been successful, youth-led movements to protect the environment and allocate a percentage of the gross national product to education and more recent widespread struggles to end government corruption.

Dr. Pimentel-Torres is Coordinator of the Department of Basic Education for Youth and Adults of the Ministry of Education of the Dominican Republic. He holds a Doctorate in the Science of Pedagogy, Ethics and Citizenship and specializes in socio-ethics, theology and education in marginalized, excluded social sectors.

The Freedom Center continues to turn on a dime, increasing our online classes and sessions during the shelter-in-place order. We are bringing experts from around the world with feet-on-the-ground experience in organizing, civic engagement and public service together with our youth and staff.

This is an excellent time to study the relevance and importance of transforming ourselves to make change in the world.

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