Cultural Leadership Exchanges

Freedom Center youth participate in conferences, seminars, trainings and historic commemorations throughout the United States. The Freedom Center, in partnership with the Institute for Community leadership in the State of Washington, maintains relationships with diverse urban, rural and tribal communities up and down the west coast.

Exchanges evoke understanding between intergenerational and interracial communities, with a special focus on opportunities to spend time with elders who have dedicated their lives and careers to diverse work experiences, and to promoting peaceful and just relations. In American society some elders experience loneliness and abandonment.  In addition to learning valuable life-lessons and stories from our elders, these encounters offer gratitude and connection to those in the sunset years of their lives.

Martin Luther King Jr. Freedom Center

Sihomara Duenas, Andrea Alba Martin, and Gabriela Ek listen to stories from Ahousaht First Nation elder while volunteering at Tribal Canoe Journeys, Quinault Indian Nation.

Martin Luther King Jr. Freedom Center

Students visit with Mr. Nick Catañio, 91 year old Filipino fisherman and farmworker,  learning about the history and struggles of immigrant workers in the San Joaquin Delta.

Martin Luther King Jr. Freedom Center

Augusta Mitchell teaches southern cooking from scratch with organic produce they have grown. The students are taking part in an education program combating childhood diabetes and obesity at the Jack O’Dell Education Center.

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