“In times of greatest social change and upheaval, we need more than ever to invest in the preparation required for individuals, schools and organizations to carry out confident, mature and sustained civic action.”


Perhaps the single most important task for our times, is the cultivation of mature, sustained and disciplined organizations capable of integrating and preparing long-termers for social change work. This is perhaps the most important lesson to glean from our nation’s Civil Rights Movement. The best cure for the isolation and alienation that comes from heightened reliance on individual technology and consumerism to satisfy innate desires for connection and meaning, is being a part of something larger than the self. Other-interestedness can be taught and learned.

Strong organizations that offer opportunity to study, work and enjoy the uplift of meaningful contribution are essential to sustain long-term social change. Dr. Martin Luther King jr in his seminal book, Chaos or Community: Where Do We Go From Here, underlines the importance of building strong organizations. Dr. King insists that the need for interconnection and networking between strong, resilient organizations and organizers is the key to successful social change impact.

The Martin Luther King Jr Freedom Center offers classes, seminars and study on building organization and organizer training. For more information, please contact our offices today, 510 434 3988.


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