They’ve explained you’re born on earth

Yet you live in the stars. Heart beating

In harmony with the final dwelling place.

Crossing this great river, you move, stone by stone.

Water and rock drown the soul of your shoe.

Now your clothes are your enemy.

Your future held in the hand of the moon.

Here, our ancestors planted bones long ago

They whisper an invite to join them.

Cradled in this eternal heaven, you don’t see fear.

I smell my godmothers roses,

And wear my grandmother’s perfume.

Living in my nana’s stories

Their voices sing softly from these old brambles.

Piercing my skin. Their blood opens not a despairing moment,

It is eternal, moved by love.

A violet sunset holds dark blue grief and bright red hope

Empty clouds ignore the vast sea.

Lay on a dusty floor in a room that sees no light.

In a thunderstorm the roof leaks again,

and again

This world upside down does not hear cries.

From glass boxes, the music murmurs

It speaks of forest mist.

Of melodies that do not embrace.

But leaves do not decide to leave,

The tree sends them, cutting off sugar

And everything sweet.

Without love, leaves scatter

They can’t stay together.

If you must grasp something, grasp eternal truths.

The tip of the mountain top holds onto your feet.

Your wings unfold, ready to fly

You aim toward the happiness of what

has gone before us.

My heart wears the dead,

Each groove a loving touch.

All I have needed

Pointing forward, soaring

This high up too much air.

Be not afraid to fly.

Trust those who have gone before us, forever guiding,

forever love.

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