Anthology to Protect and Promote Democracy

Write up your Op-Ed column!!

Speak out about issues we are facing. Send us your Good Ideas to Protect and Promote Democracy in an interracial, intergenerational, and multi-cultural anthology of articles. Get your voice heard in the struggle for community against chaos!

Our democracy is fragile. There are many ways it can be expressed. Economic security, housing security, health security, climate security, educational security, and safety from violence all depend on a stronger democracy.

Write a short op-ed article, essay, or a poem and submit for possible selection to be published in this anthology of Good Ideas. Each submitted article or essay must be between 650-800 words in length, the size of an opinion editorial (op-ed) piece. Ideas may include solutions for Ending Childhood Poverty, Confronting the Climate Crisis, or Controlling War and Violence. In addition to publication, writers will be awarded $200 upon acceptance to the anthology.

Submit articles to Fynn Manohchompoo or Ursa Kaiser and include best phone number to reach author in email.

Call or email with any questions:

Fynn Manohchompoo                 Ursa Kaiser       

(206)698-3054                                   (510)529-9772



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