Civic Engagement

Civic engagement at the Martin Luther King Jr Freedom Center brings together individuals and organizations of diverse ages, races and socioeconomic backgrounds, working side-by-side for a healthy democracy.

We bring best practices from our nation’s Civil Rights Movement to the forefront in community education, training, and practice, building strong community partnerships with proven results.


We’re bringing youth and international experts together online for a dynamic and interactive series of leadership seminars during the current health restrictions.

Starting March 14, the Freedom Center launched the series with our students and leading experts with their feet on the ground in civic engagement, government, healthcare and community leadership around the world.

Students are hearing perspectives and dialoguing via video conferencing with people from many countries and with many viewpoints.

They are deepening their understanding of the global implications of the spread of Covid-19 and how civic engagement and action are imperative to stopping it and solving community problems created by its spread.

Follow us for updates on each of our leadership seminar sessions in the coming days at

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Youth Leadership Academy

Youth Leadership Academy

California Youth and Family Civic Engagement Initiative

California Youth and Family Civic Engagement Initiative

To Us You Matter:  VOTE

To Us You Matter: VOTE

Barbara Lee and Elihu Harris Lecture Series

Barbara Lee and Elihu Harris Lecture Series